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How to get started

Want to start Math Monday at your school? Great! Here’s how to get started.

Choose a time and place—we recommend weekly sessions during lunch in a large space. A library, auditorium or an empty classroom works well. Having it at lunch means all kids have the opportunity to attend. Additionally, it offers many children an alternative to playing sports or other playground activities and instead provides a fun, creative way to spend their lunchtime.

Get support—Talk to your principal, school administration, teachers and PTA by presenting the idea and building support.

Get some games—Start with games your school, teachers or parents have. Here’s an Amazon wish list with some of our favorites. We’ll be publishing a more detailed list of recommended games here soon, including free games.

Enlist volunteers—parent support is the lifeblood of this program! It is critical to identify at least one parent champion who can run and manage the program, build support and enlist other parent volunteers.

Join the mailing list Email, and we’ll add you to our growing community of Math Monday sites. We’ll share all the documents we use to run Math Monday, including volunteer forms, set up and teardown guidelines, tips for coaching students, and recommended games.

Check out our booth. And if you’re on the east coast, check out our booth at the National Math Festival at the Washington DC Convention Center, May 4, 2019. It’s the biggest math party in the world, so bring your friends and family.