Want to enrich your child’s enjoyment of math?
Start Math Monday at your school!
It’s fun, it’s affordable, and it builds community. 

What is Math Monday?

Math Monday is a weekly drop-in lunchtime activity where students of all ages can get hands on with math games, puzzles and manipulatives that help build their math skills.

Math Monday is a 100% volunteer-run activity that relies on the participation and financial support of parents and the PTA. Math Monday is open to students in grades K-5 of all abilities. At Math Monday, students have the opportunity to play physical (never screen-based) mathematical board games and puzzles. Unlike competitive math clubs, Math Monday is intended to reach all students at their own pace and is meant to complement monthly events like Math Circles and Family Math Night.

Why start one at your school?

For schools — Math Monday is a convenient, inexpensive, and flexible way to improve student math performance, and promote student and parent interest in math, without burdening teachers with more work. Because it is run by parents, it’s a great way for your PTA to support math, and give parents a way to participate in making math better for their kids.

For parents — help your kids stay interested in math, volunteer to improve math for all students at your school, and bring home ideas for creating a math-positive culture at home.

For kids — have fun with your friends playing games and solving puzzles, and find the fun in math.

For math education champions — join a national movement to bring math joy to all people, especially for girls and underserved groups.

What do I need?

Time and place—we recommend weekly sessions during lunch in a large space. A library, auditorium or an empty classroom works well. Having it at lunch means all kids have the opportunity to attend. Additionally, it offers many children an alternative to playing sports or other playground activities and instead provides a fun, creative way to spend their lunchtime.

Support—Get the support of your principal, school administration, teachers and PTA by presenting the idea and building support.

Games—Go to mathmonday.net for game recommendations, Amazon links, step-by-step instructions and other resources.

Volunteers—parent support is the lifeblood of this program! It is critical to identify at least one parent champion who can run and manage the program, build support and enlist other parent volunteers.

Get involved

Want to start Math Monday at your school? Great! Join us by emailing scott@scottkim.com, and we’ll add you to our growing community of Math Monday sites. And if you’re on the east coast, check out our booth at the National Math Festival at the Washington DC Convention Center, May 4, 2019. It’s the biggest math party in the world, so bring your friends and family.